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Save 100 Percent on Prime Day

Hello everybody. TheSimpleAsian here. I wanted to address something now that the week has passed. Amazon just had their Prime Day event for Prime members, and I thought I would make a video about big sales and how they influence your mind and your wallet. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I think Amazon is a great place to shop as I buy many things that I need there. It’s super convenient, cheaper in most cases, and they deliver goods to Prime Members in two days.

Having said all that, I have encountered people who are sharing their great deals with me on stuff they already have or just don’t need. Now I’m not here to pick on people for shopping, as I think everyone should buy stuff that makes them happy. Heck I own a bunch of toys myself, including ones I don’t need. My concern is that we have become a real big consumer driven society and these sales are driving us to squander our savings away on things we already have or on things that we will never even use just because they are cheap.

I bought an item once when it was on a Super sale when I needed it. The key word is, NEED. I happened to be in the market for something that I needed and after 2 months of just peeking on the internet, one day it went on sale for a great steal and of course I bought it. This was about 18 months ago. The reason I feel it’s important to share the timing of it, is because I want to stress the fact that it was something I already did need and I happened to just buy it on sale because I needed it anyway. When things go on sale and the store is offering something that you happen to need, by all means don’t starve yourself of that item, but do yourself a favor and try really hard to not go shopping for the sake of finding something to buy. Even if sales are cheap and offer you 50% off, it doesn’t mean you should buy it. If you don’t need the item and if the item won’t bring you any immediate value you can simply just save 100% of the money and not buy it.


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This is TheSimpleAsian signing off for now.

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