Thank you for visiting my page and Welcome to TheSimpleAsian.com. I wanted to take a moment to to tell you a little about myself and why I started this blog. I have always been known within my circle to be the frugal guy who is always looking for a bargain and generally control the way I spend money any way I can. I can’t argue with that. I like to live well, but I also believe in paying yourself first and try my hardest to think of ways to do this.

In the past couple of years I have learned about the importance of structuring your life around simplicity.  Achieving simplicity in your life does seem simple, as it should be, but it can be quite hard to achieve. Achieving simplicity is very deliberate and requires you take the time to ask yourself tough questions, research the things that bring you value both spiritually, practically and financially. You have to spend the time up front to make decisions that keeps your life simple. As you start to develop these habits, you will start to find that it is easier to live a simpler life and pay yourself first in the process. Furthermore, simplicity really does free your time and attention up for other things that may be more important than you ever realized.

On this blog, my goal is to build a community where people can come to see content that I create about life decisions, products, DIY and any other content that I feel will help you achieve the goal of simplicity and paying yourself first. Of course this blog is also a place for me to attempt humorous content, so please forgive me if you find that stuff to be less than amusing. I hope you find the content of this page “mostly” useful and thank you for visiting. I hope over time I can pique your interest and add some value to you from our interactions on this site. If you have a moment, please visit my YouTube page and subscribe to my channel. Thank again for visiting my blog.


This is The Simple Asian signing off for now.

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